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Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous and academically challenging college-level courses taken for both GHS and university credit.  Most U.S. colleges and universities in more than 30 countries have an AP policy granting incoming student’s credit and/or placement for qualifying AP examination grades (generally a 3 or higher on a scale of 1-5).  A strong exam score may earn the student credit and/or advanced placement among the 3000 colleges and universities recognizing AP.  Students may also take AP exams for subject areas not covered by GHS curriculum.  There is no fee for an AP course, but the cost per AP exam is $94 (fee subject to change).  For a family whose income level meets national AP program qualifications, fee reductions are available.

Experience over the years has taught us that certain personal traits exhibited by the student will increase the students’ opportunity for success and enjoyment.  Those traits are commitment, perseverance, initiative, integrity, and enthusiasm.  Please choose a realistic course load when designing your schedule.




Studio Art:  2-D Design

U.S. Government & Politics

Spanish Language & Culture

Studio Art:  3-D Design

United States History

French Language & Culture

Calculus AB

World History



English Language and Composition (11th grade)


Music Theory

English Literature and Composition (12th grade)

Physics 1 



Physics C Mechanics


Information on course subjects can be found at

Individual colleges and universities, not Glacier High School or College Board or the AP Program, grant college course credit and placement.  We recommend obtaining a college’s AP policy in writing.