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Student of the Week  2023-2024

KATY BITNEY - Week of December 1, 2023  “Katy is a fantastic student who provides interesting insights to my class, always has a pleasant disposition and embodies the virtues of being a good citizen.” -Mr. Wright, GHS Social Studies Teacher

MALIA ARMSTRONG - Week of November 27, 2023  “As a student and person, Malia Armstrong is the cat's meow.  Not only does Malia have a deep curiosity about science, she is about as hard a working student that I have ever had.  She is dedicated to her academics and is always striving for excellence in her work.  When you add her happy personality to the mix, you get a great kid that exemplifies what we want in our students here at Glacier.  She's got the grit, shows gratitude to those around her, and does it all with grace.  Malia is an asset to my classroom and our school and strongly deserves to be honored with student of the week.” -Mr. Ford, GHS Science Teacher

KENDALL DOLAN - Week of November 17, 2023  “Kendall is always smiling when I ask her how she is doing; she always says FANTASTIC. Her joy is contagious.” -Valeri Ness, GHS Food Service Lead

EMMA CARPENTER - Week of November 10, 2023  “As both a French 3 and Spanish 2 student with plans to graduate with the International Languages Distinction, Emma's natural drive and curiosity related to study of languages and global citizenry have definitely made an impact on our department. Her acceptance of others, compassion, and enthusiasm are inspiring and contagious. Emma is not only a capable global leader but also a caring one, a characteristic that is often overlooked. We cannot wait to see what incredible things she will accomplish next!" GHS International Language Department

TJ GANNON - Week of November 3, 2023  “TJ has put in an extraordinary amount of work over the last four years to reach his potential in athletics and academics. In the weight room he is always pushing himself and setting the standard for others. He is also a leader as the center of the football team and always has a great attitude toward staff and other students.” -Ross Dankers, GHS Health and Physical Education Teacher

TESSLA SAGE - Week of October 27, 2023    “Tessla is a freshman student in my first period English class. This student comes to class prepared and focused each day. It is a pleasure being greeted by Tessla's bright smile and positive attitude each morning. During a class brainstorming activity, I asked the class to be mindful about how many times a student brought up a similar topic and Tessla took it upon herself to not only to complete the task but also compile a list during our activity that we could reference as a class. This small action encouraged others to participate in an organized and meaningful discussion that morning. Nice job, Tessla!" Ms. Wallace, GHS English Teacher.

MADISON PADGHAM - Week of October 13, 2023    “Madison took a risk this year in trying a new class, and she is rocking it! She is attentive and motivated and considerate when checking in to make sure everything is good to go. Madison's energy is positively contagious and her writing is impeccable. I'm so grateful to get to work with Madison this year.” -Ms. Brown, GHS English Teacher.

NOAH CUMMINGS - Week of October 6, 2023    “Since the start of the year, Noah Cummings has shown he whole-heartedly embodies this year's theme of "Grit to Great." Noah has exemplified grit by diving into a new AP class and finishing the summer assignment despite being a very late addition to the class. I appreciate his kindness, willingness to step outside of his comfort zone, and immediately immersing himself in our GHS culture.” -Amanda Cram, GHS English Teacher

EMILY HIGGS - Week of September 28, 2023     “Emily volunteered to be on the uniform crew for the band. She has stayed late after school and has been a huge help. It's thanks to students like her that the band will look awesome at marching band events!!” - Mr. Barr, GHS Band Director 

ANDREA CHANDLER - Week of September 21, 2023     
“Andrea volunteered to be on the uniform crew for the band. She has stayed late after school and has been a huge help. She also volunteered to be a Band student aide and is incredibly helpful everyday. Andrea has a great attitude, a day changing smile, and can bake the best cakes!! It's thanks to students like her that the band will look awesome at band events!!” - Mr. Barr, GHS Band Director

ALYSSA CONRAD - Week of September 14, 2023     
“As an upperclassman in Debate Workshop, Alyssa has helped all of her classmates. Her positive attitude is infectious. She finishes her work efficiently and assists the people at her table. She treats all of her classmates equally by also improving her own knowledge of topics.” -Ivanna Fritz, GHS English Teacher

EMILY KIDD - Week of September 7, 2023   
“Emily is such an amazing, kind human. This is my second year having Emily in class, she goes out of her way to use her skills to help others. I am very grateful for her and proud to be a part of her high school experience, twice!” -Ms. Power, GHS English Teacher

ALEX HAUSMANN - Week of August 31, 2023   
“Throughout all of CORE Summer Training he didn't miss one day! That takes an incredible amount of discipline and toughness to wake up at 6 am 3 days a week all summer!”-Mr. Dankers, GHS PE Teacher and Head Coach



Student of the Week 2022-2023

Brecken Walcheck - Week of June 5, 2023   
“...strong, steady and humble student that demonstrates great character in the classroom.” -Angie St. Onge, GHS Math Teacher

Katie Clark - Week of May 26, 2023   
“Katie is sweet and thoughtful on top of being a hard worker and good student. She uses her time well in class, she pays attention, and asks questions. If she doesn't understand something, she will come in before or after school (or on academic catch up day) to get help. She works well with her peers - she is helpful and a contributor in a group situation.” -Careylyn Hill, GHS Math Teacher

Mac Chandler - Week of May 19, 2023   
“Mac comes into my classroom early almost every day and he takes the chairs down and gets the classroom ready for the day. He asks how I'm doing and then if he has schoolwork to do, he does it. Mac is focused and goal-oriented.” -Ms. Hill, GHS International Language Teacher

Emma Lane - Week of May 11, 2023   
“Emma is positive and hardworking. She is creative and funny, and gets along well with others. I always appreciate Emma's positive attitude and the insights she shares in my class.” -Ms. Eodice, GHS English Teacher

K Perigan - Week of May 4, 2023   
“K is friendly, polite, and hardworking. They are always focused, and, even better, they ask great questions! K is always up for a challenge and is not afraid to try new or difficult projects! Keep up the good work, and keep being you, K! -Ms. Eodice, GHS English Teacher

Tyla Nelson - Week of April 27, 2023   
“Tyla is an amazing student.  Her diligence and initiative to learn is second to none.  Additionally, the quality of work that Tyla submits in math class is top notch!  She is also very kind to all of her peers, and always comes to class with a great attitude, which is much appreciated.” -Mr. Cutler, GHS Math Teacher

Cadence Murcray - Week of April 20, 2023  
“Cadence is an incredible worker and does a lot for the school/classmates/teammates.” -Mr. Adamcyk, GHS English Teacher

Pyper Eirdam - Week of April 13, 2023  
“Pyper is a rock solid member of the GHS choir program. She really stepped up and found her voice as a leader this year. The other members of her section know that she is dependable, and I know I can always count on her to lead sectionals. She puts in work outside of the classroom that is obvious. I am glad to see Pyper in class every day!” -Nathan Connell, GHS Choir Director

Max Waverek - Week of April 6, 2023  
“Max has been one of the most dedicated musicians in the band this year. He is the pep band drummer, one of the Jazz Band drummers, plays percussion parts with all three bands, and is the drum set player for the All-School musical. Max takes every part he plays and practices daily to make sure he is supporting his fellow musicians. Max never misses a performance and works diligently to be present for rehearsals. The improvement I've witnessed in Max's musical talents is amazing.” -David Barr, GHS Band Director

Wesley Peacher - Week of March 23, 2023 
“Wesley is extremely focused in class. Whenever I am teaching and look over at Wesley he is engaged and making working hard on whatever the lesson may be. Wesley is very polite and friendly to others and makes our classroom and school a better place. Go, Wesley!” - Ms. Eodice, GHS English Teacher

Sabrina McDonnell- Week of March 16, 2023 
“Sabrina is an outstanding student. She quietly and respectfully works to understand and practice science. As necessary, Sabrina speaks up and asks the instructor or someone nearby for help in understand new and difficult concepts. However, Sabrina is usually the one helping those around her understand the physics! Sabrina brings joy to the classroom and diligently works hard to complete and understand the science. She is also not afraid to point out a teacher mistake during lecture to help clarify learning!” -Mr. Hashley, GHS Science & Math Teacher

Justin Riffle- Week of March 8, 2023 
“Justin has become the leader of the GHS trumpets by always being prepared and showing up on time, usually earlier than me. Justin has also led the pep band brass this season and helped to create a super fun experience at basketball games. Justin is also in Jazz Band and the All-School Musical. He has even taken time out of his busy schedule to join Varsity band and learn trombone! Justin does all of this and still takes college classes and could be one of the best mathematicians at GHS.” -David Barr, GHS Band Director

Atlas Turner - Week of March 1, 2023
“I have Atlas in two classes this semester and she has been a positive light in both and a great blessing to have. She is positive and always smiling, she engages and always works hard to be involved and engaged. She also offers to help and asks if there is anything she can do for me which is pretty rare and special for a student to even think of doing.” -Mr. Bennett, GHS Business Teacher

Wyatt Jensen - Week of February 23, 2023
“Wyatt brightens everyone's day. He always has a smile and appreciates learning.” -Mrs. St. Onge, GHS Math Teacher

Marissa Larsen - Week of February 16, 2023
“Marissa has been the girl's Ascent Mentor for the sophomore and junior classes this year and had gone above and beyond in her role. She has done a great job connecting with the students, being there to listen and support everyone, while also holding the younger students to a higher standard. She is truly a servant leader and I could not be more proud of how much she has grown, and how she is using her story to inspire everyone around her.” Taylor Holiday, GHS Ascent Program

Mr. Ford's 6th Period Science Class - Week of February 9, 2023
“My 6th period Earth Science class has all the qualities that we celebrate here at GHS.  They come to class ready to learn, they are engaged, have a great sense of humor, work hard, expect excellence, and are always asking great questions.  The biggest reason this class should be recognized is the amazing class "vibe" that they have created.  They respect each other, support each other, and are willing to accept the differences that exist in the class and rather than have that cause friction within the group, it seems to create greater unity.  They are a class that I honestly look forward to every day and it never feels like my job in 6th period, it feels like a little family!" -Matt Ford, GHS Science Teacher

Rita Henshaw - Week of January 27, 2023
“Rita approaches each new day with enthusiasm and joy. She is an extremely hard worker, is very friendly, and takes the time to make sure she is doing work to the best of her ability. Rita is always positive and upbeat, and is truly a joy to have in class." - Ms. Eodice, GHS English Teacher

Bella AuClaire - Week of January 20, 2023
“I want to recognize the efforts that Bella has made this semester.  She did a fantastic job directing the Advanced Acting production of “They Promised Her the Moon”.  Bella has embraced being a senior leader in the classroom and school and I am very proud of her efforts.”

Ethan Grant - Week of January 12, 2023
“Ethan is deserving of this award because he helps other students with work and always participates in class discussions.  Ethan goes above and beyond and is fully engaged in his education.  Ethan is kind and supportive and worthy of the recognition.” - Chris Adamcyk, GHS English Teacher

Hannah Keller - Week of January 5, 2023
“Is there anything better for us to witness and be a part of as teachers than students growing, learning, maturing, developing, changing, and improving right before our eyes? Hannah started this semester in Accounting 1 with a bit of a negative attitude earning an 80% B- in quarter 1. She was a bit grumpy and I had a hard time eliciting smiles and engagement from her. But...things began to turn and all of a sudden, her attitude changed, smiles started to appear along with fun engagement and interaction, her work ethic increased, she started consistently doing extra credit on every assignment, test scores increased and needless to say, I am very, very proud of her. This is what it's all about!” -Grady Bennett, GHS Business Teacher

Jet Bolster - Week of December 16, 2022
“Not only does Jet have the academic chops to deserve this recognition demonstrated by excellent grades and exceptional participation in the classroom on a day to day basis, but she demonstrates the essence of one of our values here at GHS-grit.  I find Jet's academic abilities all the more extraordinary because of the personal struggles that she has had to overcome to be an excellent student.  And she just moved here and has had to learn about a new state, community, a new school as well as try to make new friends.  Students like Jet that rise to the challenges that life throws at them and achieve academic success in spite of the difficulties are truly deserving of this award. Well done Jet!  I am honored to be one of your teachers.” - Matt Ford, GHS Science Teacher

Wayne Cox - Week of December 8, 2022
"Wayne is one of the most hardworking student athletes I have seen in my seven years of teaching. He communicates about his absences, plans ahead, puts in extra time outside of school to stay caught up, and consistently works hard in class. He is polite and respectful, and he keeps his eye on the prize and his priorities in order!” - Gabi Eodice, GHS English Teacher

Bianca Schneider - Week of December 2, 2022
Quoting the nomination, Ms. St. Onge said Bianca is: “...very hard working and diligent!” 
Braden Nelson - Week of November 28, 2022
“Braden is a hard worker who always does his best in classes and helps other students (without being asked!) when they are struggling. He has a kind heart and great work ethic that exemplifies Glacier Grit, Gratitude, and Grace!” -Charlie Johnston, GHS Teacher
Monika Mendoza - Week of November 14, 2022
 “Monika is an exchange student from Spain. Although English is not her first language, she has had great success in all of her classes. She is a leader in the school after only being here for two months. She has worked with International Language students and English as a Second Language students and has used her skills to help our Glacier community as much as possible.” -Stephanie Hill, GHS International Language Teacher
Destinee Phillips - Week of October 31, 2022
 “Destinee has been the most dependable and frequent photographer at all sporting events for the yearbook. She has photographed nearly every event this year and has really worked to capture student sections and groups of students in the crowd beyond just those in the front row.  Whenever there is an event Destinee is there with the camera providing the yearbook with great coverage of students and players in action.”  -Josh Munro, GHS Yearbook Supervisor
Abby Foster - Week of October 24, 2022
 “Abby has been working so hard as the liaison for our girls soccer coach here in the school.  She has been doing so many extra jobs for the soccer team other besides being a player and captain.  She has been so responsible and such a joy to work with and always has a smile doing it!” -Maggie McKay, GHS Activities Assistant
Ryan Webster - Week of October 17, 2022
 “Ryan auditioned into the all-state band for the 2nd time. He has also auditioned into the Glacier Symphony and will be performing with them at their next concert, featuring Beethoven's 9th symphony. Ryan will be competing in a national piano competition and has already earned top honors in the state piano competition. Ryan is also a huge leader in the band and is an inspiration for all the students around him.” -David Barr, GHS Band Director
Austin Bigman - Week of October 10, 2022
 “Austin has been fantastic to work with every day!  He is always happy to be at school, is fully engaged in the topic being discussed and has an endless curiosity.” - Troy Smith, GHS Career and Technical Education Teacher
Jason Burkett-Johnson - Week of October 3, 2022
 “Jason is a library aide this semester and is extremely hard-working and eager to help out in any way he can.  He never complains and likes to keep busy, which we really appreciate!  If I have any hard jobs, I always know that he will take care of it quickly and carefully.  Jason is the best!” - Kerrie More, GHS Librarian

Braden Wakefield - Week of September 26, 2022

“Braden works diligently in class every day. He is very prepared, plans ahead of time for absences, and is also willing to work with all students in class. He is also an active participant in Glacier student sections.  GHS is a better place to be because of Braden Wakefield!”- Abby Connolly, GHS Social Science Teacher

Kayla Davison - Week of September 19, 2022

“Kayla has been a wonderful student to have in class since she was a sophomore. She has a calm demeanor and clever wit that oddly go hand in hand. When I ran into Kayla at the Jamboree, I asked if she'd want to by my student aide, and she made it happen. She even showed up before the first day of class to get the paperwork process completed. She accepts tasks with a smile and helps keeps me on track and organized. She is always ready to work - and not even because she'll be graded. I am grateful to have her in my room each day.” - Jenna Brown, GHS English Teacher

Meyer Fauth - Week of September 12, 2022

“Meyer has taken the responsibility to be a student leader as the Junior drum major for the marching band. His help and fantastic attitude have really helped to get the year started well. Meyer also qualified for the All-State Band auditioning on clarinet!” - David Barr, GHS Band Director

Temree Payne-Taylor - Week of September 5, 2022

“Temree has a kind heart. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. Before school started, she was waiting for her brother to finish football practice so she came to my room to say Hi. When she saw that I was organizing Chromebook Carts, she jumped right in to help. Temree cut my work in half. I appreciate that she showed just what we value - she was a part of the Pack!” - Ivanna Fritz, GHS English Teacher