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Student of the Week  2023-2024


LEWIS LOBBESTAEL - Week of MAY 24, 2024  “Lewis quietly learns Algebra at a high level. He consistently does his work on time and very well. Lewis works well with others and can be counted on to help a group succeed and understand the content. Lewis does a great job asking questions when necessary!” -Dana Hashley, GHS Science & Math Teacher

GABBY CANTRELL-MUSSON - Week of MAY 17, 2024  “Gabby Cantrell-Musson has had such an amazing senior year.  I am so proud of her leadership at GHS, especially in the Wolfpack Theatre Company and Glacier Speech & Debate team.  She directed “One Stoplight Town” this spring with grace, determination and kindness.  Her grit is second to none, and she has left her mark and will be missed at Glacier High.” -Greg Adkins, GHS Theatre/English Teacher

QUINTIN GERBOZY - Week of MAY 10, 2024  “Quintin is always smiling, always enthusiastic, kind, and just an all-around pleasure to have in class!” -Chris Adamcyk, GHS English Teacher

BRADEN NELSON - Week of MAY 2, 2024  “Braden deserves to be honored as student of the week due to his quiet strengths.  Braden's strengths include his engagement in class, his willingness to help other students (and his teacher), his quality of work, and his desire to explore, learn and grow (he is currently teaching himself how to do some coding).  Braden does all these things with a sense of quiet humility that is to be admired.  Great work Braden!” -Mr. Cutler, GHS Math Teacher

PIPER TEN EYCK - Week of APRIL 26, 2024  “Piper is extremely committed to her studies, and even more importantly, is a very kind student to her classmates. She always takes the time to listen and is very encouraging. Her work is excellent and she consistently challenges herself.” -Abby Snipes, GHS Social Science Teacher

BLAKE BLANDON - Week of APRIL 19, 2024  "Blake served as a library aide last semester and was one of the hardest working aides we have had over the years.  He showed up first period, every day, eager to complete his daily jobs.  He took his duties seriously and completed them with a cheerful attitude. Over the years, Blake has been a frequent fixture in the library.  He always has a friendly greeting and makes it a point to engage in conversation.  Blake is an all-around great kid worthy of this recognition.” -Kerrie More, GHS Librarian

MARK AHNER - Week of APRIL 12, 2024  “Mark is the model of consistency and hard work. He has established himself as a leader at GHS by his example in both academics and athletics. He has an appetite for knowledge and always pushes himself to think critically and pushes himself physically in his P.E. classes and sports. He does all this with a calm and confident demeanor that is approachable to other students. - Ross Dankers, GHS Health Enhancement Teacher

\ALONZO CHACE - Week of APRIL 5, 2024  “Alonzo is in my AP 2D Studio Design class and he is CRUSHING it.  I am really impressed with his work ethic and consistency, his willingness to try new things, media and techniques and his attitude when it comes to overcoming adversity.  He is living proof that truly great things happen when you use your class time to consistently put in hard work.  Alonzo is also in my Art Outside sculpture class and he always finds ways to contribute something to the projects or conversations that we're working on.  Way to go, Alonzo!  Keep up the great work!” -Mr. Cummings, GHS Art Teacher

BEN WEDDLE - Week of March 22, 2024  “Ben is a hard working awesome student who exemplifies our wolfpack virtues.  He is always respectful to his teachers and often finds ways to help out, even recently helping lighten a teacher's load as she was trying to carry way too much at once down the hallway.  He is self motivated and finishes every unit ahead of most of the class.  With the free time he earns by completing the classroom goals early, he chooses to practice his musical talents and furthers his passion of music.” -Mr. Stump, GHS Science Teacher

TIMOTHY WILLIAMS - Week of March 15, 2024  “Timothy has done a great job as a Forensics student this semester. He does a good job of volunteering answers, asking clarifying questions, making observations, and completing work outside of class. When absent, Timothy perseveres to get the work and get it done well. Timothy is a pleasure to have in class.” -Dana Hashley, GHS Math and Science Teacher

LIAM DEJANA - Week of March 8, 2024  “Liam is an outgoing, helpful, and enthusiastic student. He comes to class each day with a positive attitude. He always goes the extra mile before, during, and after class if needed. For example, he will assist students with classwork or take a few extra moments to organize the Chromebook cart at the end of the period without being told to do so. Teachers appreciate  leaders in the classroom that are dependable and disciplined. Liam is that type of leader in my classroom. It is a pleasure having him in my English 9 class.” -Ms. Wallace, GHS English Teacher

SETH COTHRAN - Week of March 1, 2024  “Seth is somebody who has always had a natural talent for performance and music. Anybody who knows him knows he has a great sense of humor and is always one to help lighten the mood. However, Seth has also really found another gear his senior year, being the first to contribute during meaningful conversations, and taking his role as a leader in the class seriously. I'm really thankful to have been able to work with Seth all four years and see what a great young man he has become.” -Nathan Connell, GHS Choir Director

NOAH GLUYAS - Week of February 23, 2024  "I nominate Noah Gluyas for student of the week. Noah is such a helpful and positive student here at GHS. Noah stays after everyone is done eating and helps pick up garbage left behind by other students in the commons. I sure hope Noah knows how much myself and the custodial staff appreciate his commitment to making Glacier High School the best school in the state of Montana!" -Judd Nyberg, GHS Lead Custodian

EDDY FOSTER - Week of February 16, 2024  “Eddy walks into class every day with a smile and a positive attitude. He has a contagious, friendly nature and is a great role model for his peers. Eddy is attentive and enthusiastic in class, and I appreciate his willingness to contribute to class discussions. ” -Ms. Schedel, GHS English Teacher

KYLIE SHINE - Week of February 8, 2024  “Kylie always enters the classroom with a smile on her face and a “Good Morning!”  She is a dedicated Glacier student; involved in many activities, committed to keeping her grades up, enthusiastic and a joy to have in class.  If there is any student who is the definition of “Grit to Great” it’s Kylie.” -Bethany Shehan, GHS Math Teacher

AIDEN LAMB - Week of February 1, 2024  “Aiden comes to class well prepared.  Participates in the lesson conversations.  Is conscientious in giving his best effort.  He is fun, easy going and gets along well with everyone.” - Ms. Spiess, GHS Science Teacher

LAUREN BISSEN - Week of January 15, 2024  “I've absolutely loved having Lauren in class this semester. She is a tremendous student. Her attitude, dedication, and willingness to push herself during Speech Workshop should be acknowledged and she is appreciated. What a remarkable girl! Really hoping she joins Wolfpack S&D next season.” -Mr. Greg Adkins, GHS English Teacher and Head Speech & Debate Coach

ETHAN GRANT - Week of January 8, 2024  “...always working ahead and ready to go in Calculus all while working through soccer and speech & debate seasons.” -Ms. St. Onge, GHS Math Teacher

XAVIER PARMER - Week of January 1, 2024  “To work with Xavier is a lesson in patience and fortitude. I am always impressed with Xavier’s ability to navigate whatever situation is thrown at him. He is patient and flexible when working with others, often taking on roles that others decline. Though he is reserved, his contributions to class are poignant and meaningful. Xavier will stay after class or lag behind to tidy up or make sure things are in order for the next class. Substitute’s have expressed their gratitude for his behavior and helpfulness; another teacher even reached out to tell me how awesome Xavier was when this teacher covered my class. He’s a grounding force in the classroom while being an exemplary academic student. Thank you, Xavier!” -Jenna Brown, GHS English Teacher

DREW CRANE - Week of December 18, 2023  "Drew has worked so hard this semester! He has really stepped up in the Wolfpack Theatre Company, especially in his up-and-coming role in THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, and as a technician in LITTLE WOMEN. His calm, relaxed, and focused attitude is noticed and appreciated!"

JACKSON PRESLEY - Week of December 8, 2023  “I am pleased to recommend Jackson Presley as our GHS Student of the Week.  Jackson consistently goes above and beyond in his commitment to academic excellence, and his strong work ethic shines through in his academic performance.  He actively engages in class discussions, stays focused on his work, and proactively communicates ahead of time when he anticipates being absent.  One of Jackson's standout qualities is his ability to foster a positive and inclusive environment within the classroom.  He consistently treats his classmates with politeness and kindness, which has created a sense of unity and camaraderie among his peers.  This has made the learning experience more enjoyable for everyone and has positively impacted the classroom dynamic.  Jackson’s dedication to his studies and exceptional interpersonal skills make him a standout student and a pleasure to have in class. I am confident that he will continue to excel and leave a lasting positive impact on those around him in the future.”  Ms. Smith, GHS English Teacher

KATY BITNEY - Week of December 1, 2023  “Katy is a fantastic student who provides interesting insights to my class, always has a pleasant disposition and embodies the virtues of being a good citizen.” -Mr. Wright, GHS Social Studies Teacher

MALIA ARMSTRONG - Week of November 27, 2023  “As a student and person, Malia Armstrong is the cat's meow.  Not only does Malia have a deep curiosity about science, she is about as hard a working student that I have ever had.  She is dedicated to her academics and is always striving for excellence in her work.  When you add her happy personality to the mix, you get a great kid that exemplifies what we want in our students here at Glacier.  She's got the grit, shows gratitude to those around her, and does it all with grace.  Malia is an asset to my classroom and our school and strongly deserves to be honored with student of the week.” -Mr. Ford, GHS Science Teacher

KENDALL DOLAN - Week of November 17, 2023  “Kendall is always smiling when I ask her how she is doing; she always says FANTASTIC. Her joy is contagious.” -Valeri Ness, GHS Food Service Lead

EMMA CARPENTER - Week of November 10, 2023  “As both a French 3 and Spanish 2 student with plans to graduate with the International Languages Distinction, Emma's natural drive and curiosity related to study of languages and global citizenry have definitely made an impact on our department. Her acceptance of others, compassion, and enthusiasm are inspiring and contagious. Emma is not only a capable global leader but also a caring one, a characteristic that is often overlooked. We cannot wait to see what incredible things she will accomplish next!" GHS International Language Department

TJ GANNON - Week of November 3, 2023  “TJ has put in an extraordinary amount of work over the last four years to reach his potential in athletics and academics. In the weight room he is always pushing himself and setting the standard for others. He is also a leader as the center of the football team and always has a great attitude toward staff and other students.” -Ross Dankers, GHS Health and Physical Education Teacher

TESSLA SAGE - Week of October 27, 2023    “Tessla is a freshman student in my first period English class. This student comes to class prepared and focused each day. It is a pleasure being greeted by Tessla's bright smile and positive attitude each morning. During a class brainstorming activity, I asked the class to be mindful about how many times a student brought up a similar topic and Tessla took it upon herself to not only to complete the task but also compile a list during our activity that we could reference as a class. This small action encouraged others to participate in an organized and meaningful discussion that morning. Nice job, Tessla!" Ms. Wallace, GHS English Teacher.

MADISON PADGHAM - Week of October 13, 2023    “Madison took a risk this year in trying a new class, and she is rocking it! She is attentive and motivated and considerate when checking in to make sure everything is good to go. Madison's energy is positively contagious and her writing is impeccable. I'm so grateful to get to work with Madison this year.” -Ms. Brown, GHS English Teacher.

NOAH CUMMINGS - Week of October 6, 2023    “Since the start of the year, Noah Cummings has shown he whole-heartedly embodies this year's theme of "Grit to Great." Noah has exemplified grit by diving into a new AP class and finishing the summer assignment despite being a very late addition to the class. I appreciate his kindness, willingness to step outside of his comfort zone, and immediately immersing himself in our GHS culture.” -Amanda Cram, GHS English Teacher

EMILY HIGGS - Week of September 28, 2023     “Emily volunteered to be on the uniform crew for the band. She has stayed late after school and has been a huge help. It's thanks to students like her that the band will look awesome at marching band events!!” - Mr. Barr, GHS Band Director 

ANDREA CHANDLER - Week of September 21, 2023     
“Andrea volunteered to be on the uniform crew for the band. She has stayed late after school and has been a huge help. She also volunteered to be a Band student aide and is incredibly helpful everyday. Andrea has a great attitude, a day changing smile, and can bake the best cakes!! It's thanks to students like her that the band will look awesome at band events!!” - Mr. Barr, GHS Band Director

ALYSSA CONRAD - Week of September 14, 2023     
“As an upperclassman in Debate Workshop, Alyssa has helped all of her classmates. Her positive attitude is infectious. She finishes her work efficiently and assists the people at her table. She treats all of her classmates equally by also improving her own knowledge of topics.” -Ivanna Fritz, GHS English Teacher

EMILY KIDD - Week of September 7, 2023   
“Emily is such an amazing, kind human. This is my second year having Emily in class, she goes out of her way to use her skills to help others. I am very grateful for her and proud to be a part of her high school experience, twice!” -Ms. Power, GHS English Teacher

ALEX HAUSMANN - Week of August 31, 2023   
“Throughout all of CORE Summer Training he didn't miss one day! That takes an incredible amount of discipline and toughness to wake up at 6 am 3 days a week all summer!”-Mr. Dankers, GHS PE Teacher and Head Coach