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Student of the Week 2022-2023

Rita Henshaw - Week of January 27, 2023
“Rita approaches each new day with enthusiasm and joy. She is an extremely hard worker, is very friendly, and takes the time to make sure she is doing work to the best of her ability. Rita is always positive and upbeat, and is truly a joy to have in class." - Ms. Eodice, GHS English Teacher

Bella AuClaire - Week of January 20, 2023
“I want to recognize the efforts that Bella has made this semester.  She did a fantastic job directing the Advanced Acting production of “They Promised Her the Moon”.  Bella has embraced being a senior leader in the classroom and school and I am very proud of her efforts.”

Ethan Grant - Week of January 12, 2023
“Ethan is deserving of this award because he helps other students with work and always participates in class discussions.  Ethan goes above and beyond and is fully engaged in his education.  Ethan is kind and supportive and worthy of the recognition.” - Chris Adamcyk, GHS English Teacher

Hannah Keller - Week of January 5, 2023
“Is there anything better for us to witness and be a part of as teachers than students growing, learning, maturing, developing, changing, and improving right before our eyes? Hannah started this semester in Accounting 1 with a bit of a negative attitude earning an 80% B- in quarter 1. She was a bit grumpy and I had a hard time eliciting smiles and engagement from her. But...things began to turn and all of a sudden, her attitude changed, smiles started to appear along with fun engagement and interaction, her work ethic increased, she started consistently doing extra credit on every assignment, test scores increased and needless to say, I am very, very proud of her. This is what it's all about!” -Grady Bennett, GHS Business Teacher

Jet Bolster - Week of December 16, 2022
“Not only does Jet have the academic chops to deserve this recognition demonstrated by excellent grades and exceptional participation in the classroom on a day to day basis, but she demonstrates the essence of one of our values here at GHS-grit.  I find Jet's academic abilities all the more extraordinary because of the personal struggles that she has had to overcome to be an excellent student.  And she just moved here and has had to learn about a new state, community, a new school as well as try to make new friends.  Students like Jet that rise to the challenges that life throws at them and achieve academic success in spite of the difficulties are truly deserving of this award. Well done Jet!  I am honored to be one of your teachers.” - Matt Ford, GHS Science Teacher

Wayne Cox - Week of December 8, 2022
"Wayne is one of the most hardworking student athletes I have seen in my seven years of teaching. He communicates about his absences, plans ahead, puts in extra time outside of school to stay caught up, and consistently works hard in class. He is polite and respectful, and he keeps his eye on the prize and his priorities in order!” - Gabi Eodice, GHS English Teacher

Bianca Schneider - Week of December 2, 2022
Quoting the nomination, Ms. St. Onge said Bianca is: “...very hard working and diligent!” 
Braden Nelson - Week of November 28, 2022
“Braden is a hard worker who always does his best in classes and helps other students (without being asked!) when they are struggling. He has a kind heart and great work ethic that exemplifies Glacier Grit, Gratitude, and Grace!” -Charlie Johnston, GHS Teacher
Monika Mendoza - Week of November 14, 2022
 “Monika is an exchange student from Spain. Although English is not her first language, she has had great success in all of her classes. She is a leader in the school after only being here for two months. She has worked with International Language students and English as a Second Language students and has used her skills to help our Glacier community as much as possible.” -Stephanie Hill, GHS International Language Teacher
Destinee Phillips - Week of October 31, 2022
 “Destinee has been the most dependable and frequent photographer at all sporting events for the yearbook. She has photographed nearly every event this year and has really worked to capture student sections and groups of students in the crowd beyond just those in the front row.  Whenever there is an event Destinee is there with the camera providing the yearbook with great coverage of students and players in action.”  -Josh Munro, GHS Yearbook Supervisor
Abby Foster - Week of October 24, 2022
 “Abby has been working so hard as the liaison for our girls soccer coach here in the school.  She has been doing so many extra jobs for the soccer team other besides being a player and captain.  She has been so responsible and such a joy to work with and always has a smile doing it!” -Maggie McKay, GHS Activities Assistant
Ryan Webster - Week of October 17, 2022
 “Ryan auditioned into the all-state band for the 2nd time. He has also auditioned into the Glacier Symphony and will be performing with them at their next concert, featuring Beethoven's 9th symphony. Ryan will be competing in a national piano competition and has already earned top honors in the state piano competition. Ryan is also a huge leader in the band and is an inspiration for all the students around him.” -David Barr, GHS Band Director
Austin Bigman - Week of October 10, 2022
 “Austin has been fantastic to work with every day!  He is always happy to be at school, is fully engaged in the topic being discussed and has an endless curiosity.” - Troy Smith, GHS Career and Technical Education Teacher
Jason Burkett-Johnson - Week of October 3, 2022
 “Jason is a library aide this semester and is extremely hard-working and eager to help out in any way he can.  He never complains and likes to keep busy, which we really appreciate!  If I have any hard jobs, I always know that he will take care of it quickly and carefully.  Jason is the best!” - Kerrie More, GHS Librarian

Braden Wakefield - Week of September 26, 2022

“Braden works diligently in class every day. He is very prepared, plans ahead of time for absences, and is also willing to work with all students in class. He is also an active participant in Glacier student sections.  GHS is a better place to be because of Braden Wakefield!”- Abby Connolly, GHS Social Science Teacher

Kayla Davison - Week of September 19, 2022

“Kayla has been a wonderful student to have in class since she was a sophomore. She has a calm demeanor and clever wit that oddly go hand in hand. When I ran into Kayla at the Jamboree, I asked if she'd want to by my student aide, and she made it happen. She even showed up before the first day of class to get the paperwork process completed. She accepts tasks with a smile and helps keeps me on track and organized. She is always ready to work - and not even because she'll be graded. I am grateful to have her in my room each day.” - Jenna Brown, GHS English Teacher

Meyer Fauth - Week of September 12, 2022

“Meyer has taken the responsibility to be a student leader as the Junior drum major for the marching band. His help and fantastic attitude have really helped to get the year started well. Meyer also qualified for the All-State Band auditioning on clarinet!” - David Barr, GHS Band Director

Temree Payne-Taylor - Week of September 5, 2022

“Temree has a kind heart. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. Before school started, she was waiting for her brother to finish football practice so she came to my room to say Hi. When she saw that I was organizing Chromebook Carts, she jumped right in to help. Temree cut my work in half. I appreciate that she showed just what we value - she was a part of the Pack!” - Ivanna Fritz, GHS English Teacher